Adjust your glasses

If your lenses have pads, you can twist them so that the frame rests a little further from your face. This will allow warm air to escape rather than being trapped between your face and the lenses of your glasses. Please note that altering the pads can slightly change your vision if you wear glasses with progressive lenses or with a high prescription. If this happens, you may need to tilt your head to compensate for the change in vision.

  1. Test the defrosting products

Applying over-the-counter demister sprays, waxes, and gels to your glasses before putting them on can quickly disperse the tiny droplets of mist when you wear a mouthpiece. Please first check with your optometrist  and do not to use defogging products designed for cars or other purposes, as they can damage prescription glasses.

  1. Breathe down

Seems obvious, but breathing down can be a quick way to keep your glasses from fogging. This displaces the air away from your glasses. How do you breathe down? Place the upper lip on the lower lip. Then exhale downward, as if you were playing the flute.

  1. Look at the anti-fog glasses

This won’t immediately fix your foggy glasses problem, but you might consider buying glasses with an anti-fog coating. The anti-fog coating provides you with a simple solution for foggy glasses, regardless of whether the obstructed vision is coming from a mask or other reason.

Very important: Always make sure you discuss and make decisions about your eye care based upon a formal appointment with your optician.

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