Sports Sunglasses – MOD2615-COL2



This active sunglass range is made from the latest frame materials utilizing the most advanced designs and colour options.
Each of the models in our range features light weight materials, superior comfort, phenomenal durability and modern styling.
Acetate plastic, TR90, polycarbonate and stainless steel are used to construct the trendy designs. All of these models can be used for corrective prescription lenses, within certain parameters. (Please consult one of our professional advisers in this regard).


The choice is yours… either digital single vision lenses or advanced progressive sport lens designs can be fitted to your personal requirements. We use advanced lens calculations matched with slim-fit design to ensure optimal precision and visual comfort. Complete outdoor protection – UV400, polarisation, photochromatic lens or fixed tint lens options will be discussed when you make your frame selection. A back surface HMC gets rid of any unwanted light reflections that can cause visual disturbances. Some of our models are available with a front Mirror coating for extra protection.

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