Types Of Sports Vision Tests

Sports vision tests vary greatly, depending on the athlete’s individual needs.  This month we’ll explore a few of these. 

Eye Tracking Devices.

Various high tech methods of assessing and improving how well your eyes follow (track) moving objects include computer systems where your eyes follow motion on a screen and mechanical rotation devices resembling record players upon which targets move in a circular pattern. These same types of devices can be used to train your eyes to follow motion.

Ocular Alignment Tests.

Cover tests determine how well both eyes are aligned so they work together. Your eye doctor will use methods such as covering one eye to observe how the other eye responds to visual stimuli. Then both eyes will be uncovered and observed as they respond to the same stimuli.

The Hirschberg test is another method of determining ocular alignment, by assessing the way light is reflected off the cornea. Alignment problems can be detected by analyzing the specific points on the cornea where reflections occur.

Eye Dominance Tests. A simple method of determining eye dominance (Miles test) involves forming a triangle with your fingers and framing a spot while you look at it through both eyes. By closing one eye and then the other, you can identify your dominant eye as the one that maintains a stable view of the object you have framed.

If you are a photographer, you probably already know which eye is dominant, because you tend to choose this one for peering through the camera’s viewfinder.

Very important: Always make sure you discuss and make decisions about your eye care based upon a formal appointment with your optician.

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