What Parents Need to Know about Teens & Contact Lenses

 Contact Lens Q&A  How old do you have to be to wear contact lenses? There is no age limit: babies can wear them, and so can seniors. Many eye care professionals begin to encourage contact lens wear at age 11 to 14. The real issue for teens is not age, but whether they are [...]

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Can Eye Drops become Addictive?

Some over-the-counter products that ease allergy symptoms or get rid of red eyes contain a type of decongestant called a vasoconstrictor. They can cause "rebound" swelling and redness, which may lead to chronic eye redness. The redness may even get worse with continued use. Ask your optometrist which eye drops are safest for you. [...]

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Using eye drops for Dry eye:

As you get older, your body makes fewer, lower-quality tears. You may also have more than you used to. These are called reflex tears. But they don't stick around long enough to get your eye wet. Other signs of dry eyes are: Sandy or scratchy feeling Burning or stinging Pain Redness Stringy discharge Heavy [...]

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Can Eye drops help with Eye allergies?

Drops can help with symptoms such as itchy eyes, lacrimation, redness, watery discharge, stinging and burning. You could try artificial tears that have no medication, or drops that contain: Antihistamines: They provide short-term relief. Some eye drops contain both antihistamines and mast cell stabilisers for fast and long-lasting relief. Do not use for more [...]

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