Eye Twitching. 8 causes and remedies

What is eye twitching? Eye twitching — which actually is twitching of an eyelid — is common and harmless. Most eye twitching lasts only a few minutes, but sometimes an eyelid twitch can persist for days or longer. If you have an eye twitch that doesn't go away relatively quickly, see an eye doctor. [...]

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How to avoid swollen eyelids

A swollen eyelid occurs when there is inflammation or excess fluid (edema) in the connective tissues surrounding the eye. Swollen eyes can be painful and non-painful, and affect both the upper and lower eyelids. There are numerous causes of a swollen eye, including eye infections, eye injuries or trauma, and, most commonly, allergies Swelling [...]

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Eye Diseases that cause Eye Discharges:

Common eye conditions associated with abnormal eye discharge include: Conjunctivitis. Eye discharge is a common symptom of conjunctivitis (pink eye), an inflammation of the conjunctiva — the thin membrane that lines the "white" of the eye (sclera) and the inner surface of the eyelids. In addition to itchy, gritty, irritated and red eyes, conjunctivitis [...]

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Eye discharge (“sleep” in your eyes)

Eye discharge, or "sleep" in your eyes, is a combination of mucus, oil, skin cells and other debris that accumulates in the corner of your eye while you sleep. It can be wet and sticky or dry and crusty, depending on how much of the liquid in the discharge has evaporated. Other slang terms [...]

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