Special eyewear: Safety, driving and computer glasses

Specialty eyewear — spectacles designed specifically for certain tasks — can help you optimise your vision for nearly any scenario. While "one size fits all" might be true in some situations, it's rare that one pair of eyeglasses is adequate for all activities of a busy modern lifestyle. The most common reasons for purchasing [...]

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Photochromic lenses: Glasses that adjust to light

Photochromic lenses are spectacle lenses that are clear (or nearly clear) indoors and darken automatically when exposed to sunlight. Other terms used for photochromic lenses include "light-adaptive lenses" and "variable tint lenses." The most popular brand of photochromic lenses is Transitions , but there are other brands of photochromic lenses available as well. The [...]

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Bifocal vs progressive? Benefits of ‘progressive lenses’

If you're over age 40 and struggling to see small print with your current glasses, you probably need multifocal lenses. That doesn't mean you have to wear ugly bifocals or trifocals. For most people, line-free progressive lenses are a much better option. What are progressive lenses? Progressive lenses are no-line multifocal eyeglass lenses that [...]

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Choosing the best type of lenses Treatment.

Eyeglass lens treatments Once you've selected your lenses, you should then consider the lens treatments which suit your needs. For the most comfortable, durable and best-looking glasses, the following lens treatments should be considered essential: Anti-scratch coating. All lightweight spectacle lens materials have surfaces that are significantly softer and more prone to scratches and [...]

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Choosing the best type of lenses

How to choose the best lenses for your glasses. More than your frames, your lenses will determine how happy you will be with your spectacles. Buying specs lenses is not an easy task. In fact, there are so many choices for lenses and coatings, it's easy to be confused about what's worth buying. When [...]

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